Pancharevo park

Custom-Made Homes

Pancharevo park

Custom-Made Homes


Project Area: 825 sq.m
Site Area: 1889 sq.m

Status:  In Construction

Project Area: 1108 sq.m
Site Area: 3270 sq.m

Status:  In Approval Phase



The concept of Pancharevo Park was developed in response to the following questions:

What are the most important things that a house can give you?

• The possibility to live in a quiet place – without noise, overbuilding, and pollution of the city.
• The lack of neighbors in the immediate vicinity is a luxury, that will be more and more difficult to attain in the future.
• A large yard and areas for playing and entertainment with the family and friends. The sensation of being in the nature. The views of the mountains, forests and lakes are indispensable…

What is our understanding of the contemprary funcionality of an upscale home?

• Large plot – over 1500 sq.m.
• Built-up area – over 800 sq.m.
• Spacious living area – over 100 sq.m.
• Master bedroom with bathroom and 2 walk-in closets
• 3+ other bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
• Staff room (en-suite bathroom and small kitchen)
• Second living room (Cinema, Office)
• Gym
• Sauna / Steam Room
• Summer seating area
• Outdoor pool
• BBQ area
• Flat and functional backyard
• Indoor and outdoor storage
• Four-car garage, each with direct access

What is a Custom-Made Home?

• A home that meets all the functional requirements and aesthetic preferences of its inhabitants.
• Designed to the last interior detail even before the start of constructuion.
• Completed “turnkey” with materials, technology and furniture from world-class manifacturers.

How to set a fixed budget for a Custom Made Home?

• By making in advance a detailed specification for fully completed house.
• By setting a final fixed price per sq.m. for the total built-up area and the adjacent plot of land.

How to save our customers' most valuable asset - their time?

• By creating in advance our best concept design project for each parcel. Thus, we will be ready to offer our clients the most suitable property for them and customize it to their individual preferences.
• By committing to complete each house to the last detail including the finishing works, lighting and furnishing.
• By setting deadlines for completion.

How to organise the building process, so that the construction of the new houses does not disturb the inhabitants of the completed ones?

• By planning the building process in stages, so there are no houses in construction in the immediate vicinity of the completed ones.
• By providing direct access for the finished houses to the street network (through paved alleyways) and building temporary roads for the houses in construction.

The Park...

Pancharevo Park is an investment project for 10 custom-made homes. 

The design of the Park allows for the houses to be built in stages and function independently.

The development of the project is planned in 5 stages of construction, each of them for 2 properties. Access is ensured through several different approaches, so that the completed stages are separated from the stages in construction.

The land plots in the Park range between 1700 to 7400 sq. m. in size. For each property our team has developed un individual conceptual design project. As a consequence of a two-year work and after numerous variations and revisions we are convinced, that all the projects in the Park fully combine:

  • Impressive Architecture
  • Contemporary Functionality
  • Panoramic Position
  • Large Backyard
  • Privacy
  • Security

We will offer you a property, that best suits your needs and customize it according to your personal preferences. It is our pleasure and commitment to make the creation of your new home an enjoyable experience, where your only responsibility will be to choose among different solutions, materials and technologies proposed by our team. The “ready to live in” completion of the individual properties is reduced to 12 months after signing the preliminary contract, given that all agreed upon conditions are met.

We believe that Pancharevo Park has the potential to become one of the most prestigious locations in Sofia and offers not only an opportunity for a better quality of life, but also an appreciation in value over time.


For the Park, we chose one of the cleanest and most beautiful areas of the capital. It is situated in the hills above Pancharevo and is surrounded by greenery and pines. The silence, tranquillity and magnificent views of the lake and Lozen mountain create the feeling of remoteness from the big city, but in fact the village is only 20 minutes by car from the city centre. With the upcoming reconstruction and expansion of the Ring Road in 2019, Pancharevo will be one of the most communicative southern locations in Sofia.


The projects of Pancharevo Park and all the villas are designed by our oun team of prominent Bulgarian architects led by arch. Vladimir Mihov, colaborating closely with an Italian design studio and its leading designer Claudio Biganzoli. 

Vladimir Mihov, M.Arch.

Chief Architect

Vladimir Mihov graduated from UACEG with a master’s degree in architecture. Person Accomplishments and Awards:
Architect of the Year  [1997]
Architect of the Year  [2011]
Building of the Year   [2011]

Stanko Musov, M.Arch.


Stanko Musov graduated from UACEG with a master’s degree in architecture and is also a lecturer at the university and architect at Kraf Group AG.

Claudio Biganzoli

Interior Designer

Claudio has more than 25 years of experience in the design of interior, public and artistic projects in Italy.

Iskren Ignatov, M.Arch.


Iskren Ignatov has a master’s degree from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG).

The construction will be carried out by “Kraf Group” AG as a main contractor and guarantor, assuring the quality and completion of the project within the planned budget and deadline. The company has many years of experience as a main contractor and has completed “turnkey” residential design projects of the high class in Italy.


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